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Mary Baker Eddy

If you are looking for links to Mary Baker Eddy's works, they are in this separate Christian Science Section. Christian Science is not considered part of New Thought because of three distinctions.

1. "The authoritarianism which has grown out of Christian Scientists' conviction that Mrs. Eddy's teachings constitute a final revelation has no part of New Thought and its outlook." New Thought teaches that "Truth continues to reveal itself, nor has any human organization the authority to declare what Truth is."

2. New Thought teaches a positive perspective about life and the universe rooted in the teaching that God is Good, all good and omnipresent. New Thought does not believe in "Malevolent Magnetic Energy" or in final authorities.


3. Christian Science is opposed to medical science and this is in opposition to New Thought which does not take a negative position with regard to doctors in the treatment of disease. New Thought teaches that doctors are helpful and good for resolution of disease and in cases in which medicine does not resolve a problem that prayer and seeing the truth of God can go beyond beyond medicine. Today this is referred to as the Mind-Body connection.

This page with links is for historical purposes.

(quotes from Charles S. Braden's Spirits in Rebellion)

Science & Health (First Edition)

Science & Health (Last Edition)

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