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New Thought / Mystic Texts

New Thought Magazines

Religious & Sacred Texts

Religious and Sacred Texts from B to Z

Bhagavad Gita

Bahai Texts


Buddhist Texts

Christian Fathers

Confucian Texts

Corpus Hermeticum

Dead Sea Scrolls

Divrei Torah

Enuma  Elish

Ethiopian  Texts
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The Egyptian Book of the Dead

Gnostic  Texts

Hindu  Texts

Islamic  Texts

Jain Texts

1st and  2nd Books of Jeu

Mormon Texts

Nag Hammadi  Texts

Old  Testament Apocrypha

Old Testament  Pseudepigrapha

Pistis Sophia

New Testament Apocryphal Acts

New  Testament Apocryphal Apocalypse

New Testament Apocryphal Gospels

Taoist Texts

Sepher Yetzirah

Shinto Texts

Sikh Text

Sufi Texts - Hazrat Inayat Khan
Emanuel Swedenborg (1688-1772)
Theosophy Library Online
Theosophical Perspectives on World Spiritual Traditions

Tibetan Book of the  Dead

Urantia Book

Zen Texts

Zoroastrian Texts

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